Break Time Neck Stretches/Exercises-Part Two

Feb 20, 2019 | chronic pain, natural treatment, neck

Do you suffer from chronic pain, stiffness and soreness in your neck? In this week’s blog, we will discuss the second of our best neck stretches/exercises that we send home with our Chiropractic patients to support their adjustments. Chronic neck pain has become a daily reality for many people, especially those who spend most of their day working at a computer under high stress. The risk is especially high for those who sit in poor posture, with the head in a flexed forward position. Take your next break at work or home and perform some of these stretches yourself. You’ll begin to see a difference with neck pain at the end of your workday!

The second neck stretch in our series is a stretch for your scalenes and SCM muscles. It’s simple and can be done in 3 minutes. Make sure to go as far as possible in each direction for a full stretch, but without pain.

Stretch the Scalenes and SCMsBreak Time Neck Exercises

  • Stand, hold hands behind back.
  • Lower right shoulder, tilt head to opposite side, and slightly upward.
  • Hold stretch for 20 seconds.
  • Repeat with other side.
  • Perform 2 sets of 2 repetitions per side.
  • Rest 20 seconds between sets.
  • Duration: 3 minutes

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