Cell Phones Linked to Back Pain

Nov 21, 2017 | back, holistic, natural treatment

Poor posture, neck and back pain linked to cellphones

Your cell phone keeps you connected to the world around you. Most of us feel lost without the constant contact with family, friends and our social media outlets. Most people are not aware of the toll cell phone use can take on their spine. If you are reading this on your cell phone, you may be contributing to the problem right now. Poor posture, neck pain, and back pain are linked to cell phone use.Cell Phones Linked to Back Pain

The Results of Cellphone Use on Your Spine

Using your cell phone influences your posture in ways that are not engaging your body mechanics in healthy ways. Cell phone use encourages you to lean your head forward, looking down. This position puts a lot of stress on your muscles, ligaments, and tendons that support your head. This additional stress will cause upper body pain and stiffness. The rest of your spine including your lower back can also become strained.

Your Posture will Affect Your Entire Body

Your head weighs 10 to 12 pounds, as the angle of your head moves forward, the amount of stress on your spine increases.
A 15-degree tilt causes a comparable weight of 27 pounds
With a 30 degree tilt, the strain on your neck is equal to 40 pounds
An angle of 45 degrees, creates the equivalent stress of 49 pounds
A 60 degrees angle is equal to 60 pounds of stress

This additional stress on your neck may also be felt in your upper back, shoulders and even your arms. This wear and tear can cause muscle spasms. If you are reading in a head forward position, you are also impairing other bodily systems.


Sitting slumped restricts the expansion of your lungs
With less oxygen, your heart needs to pump harder
Slouching can even affect your memory
poor posture is linked to headaches and depression
Slouching is linked to heart disease and neurological problems

If you are like most people, you could be using your cell phone for several hours a day. That could amount to 1400 hours a year.
The poor posture encouraged by cell phone use can cause debilitating changes in your spine. Over time, your technology and posture can cause damage to your joints. Your slouch could become permanent.

Proper Alignment

You should try to maintain neutral posture whenever you can while sitting and standing. You should not be stiff; you do not need to contract your abdominal muscles or pull back your shoulders.

Your weight should be even on both feet
The knees are over the hips
Hips should be over knees
Shoulders are over your hips
Ears over your shoulders
Your chin should be parallel to floor

You should bring your phone up to eye level, rather than looking down. If you find that pain is causing your bad posture, or if working to improve your posture is painful, you may want to contact your chiropractic office. Your chiropractor understands how technology and posture impact your health and can reduce or eliminate your pain. In Dallas, TX contact Innovative Health & Wellness Group for the optimal health and wellness of your entire family.

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