Don’t Let Chronic Stress Steal Your Health

Has stress become a constant reality in your life? You’re not alone. Chronic stress has become an epidemic in our society and its effects upon the body could be the subject of several books alone. When it comes to navigating illness, stress has a profound impact upon immune function and regulation.Chronic Stress

Clinicians and researchers have long known that stress has a strong influence on blood sugar and belly fat. When you are under chronic stress, your insulin levels increase. Metabolic dysfunction ensues, leading the weight gain, insulin resistance and ultimately diabetes. Stress also causes your adrenal glands to release more hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline. Elevated levels of cortisol will increase heart rate and blood pressure, increase fat storage, and impede your memory and recall.

How can I better manage the physical effects of stress within my life?

Eat clean. Food can work for you or against you, as it triggers gene expression, immune responses, hormones, and metabolism. When you eat clean, you balance blood sugar, support hormonal and immunological balance, and support healthy gene expression. Filling your plate and pantry with only clean protein, healthy fats, leafy and cruciferous vegetables, berries, and non-gluten grains can have a profound effect on your stress.

Make Exercise an Essential. Countless studies show the power of exercise to heal the mind, from depression, anxiety, focus, memory, brain fog and more. If you’re short on time, then try interval training for a quick, powerful workout.

Supplement. Partner with a doctor to discover supplements for your body that can help balance your stress response, such as vitamin C, B-complex, zinc, magnesium, ginseng, rhodiolarosea, cordyceps, and ashwagandha.

Breathe. Under stress, you likely breathe swallow, anxious breaths. Slow, full breaths activate your vagus nerve, activating your parasympathetic system and diminishing your stress response. Take a few deep breaths right now and notice how differently you feel.

Sleep. Make sleep a priority and take a nap if necessary. Eight hours of sleep are essential for health. When you aren’t sleeping, stress hormones are rising.

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