How to Thrive at Optimizing Your Diet

May 29, 2019 | diet and nutrition, holistic, natural treatment

Functional medicine and neurology are focused upon optimization, giving patients a science-driven opportunity to improve their own health and wellness. One of the functional strategies we commonly use at our clinic is to help our patients optimize their diets. We show them the power of nourishing their brains and bodies with healthy proteins and fats, colorful vegetables and fruits. We also guide them on elimination of all of the potential troublemaker foods that could be causing negative reactions in their bodies, such as gluten, dairy, corn, soy, additives, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners.optimizing your diet

So how do you thrive at optimizing your diet? The single most important factor will be your attitude or mindset. One mindset is that of deprivation, focusing upon the foods that you desire, treating your diet as losing instead of gaining. When you choose complaining words, frustrated thoughts and a negative attitude towards your diet optimization, you are more likely to remain mired in illness and brain fog. Choose instead to develop a mindset of abundance, filled with gratitude and adventure to try new foods and recipes.

Optimizing your diet can be an opportunity to become intentional about having an attitude of gratitude for the first time in your life. Replace every temptation to complain with gratefulness and watch both your health and your life dramatically change. A second critical factor to thriving at optimizing your diet is finding foods that you love and love you back.

Never approach a diet with a list of foods that you cannot have without a list of high-quality, nutritious and delicious foods that you can have. Before you begin your diet, find at least 20 delicious foods and recipes that you will love. Even better, find 40, 60, even 100. Set yourself up to win by filling your pantry and refrigerator with these foods.

Now begin your diet optimization with a kitchen filled with delicious food and an intentional mindset of abundance, gratitude and adventuresome eating. You will thrive!

Partner with our clinicians to custom-make a diet optimization plan that will address your specific health goals, utilizing blood work, genetic testing, nutritional supplements and more. Contact us to see how we can help you thrive at your diet!

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