Mindfulness is a tool that we can use to help us make a difference in not only our life but in the life of others as well. Over the past few weeks we learned how to begin a mindfulness practice and how it can affect our physiology. This week I would like to teach you another way to use the mindfulness tool.Mindfulness

The loving kindness meditation is a great way to begin to practice cultivating the feelings of love and kindness for others and ourselves. First let’s learn how to do it.

Step one: Pick 5 people, they can be anyone, brother, sister, stranger, enemy, whoever, the choice is yours

Step two: take one name and person at a time, and close your eyes

Step three: Say the name in your mind with the following phrase: Ex: John I wish you love and kindness

Step Four: Cultivate the feeling of love and kindness within yourself as you say it.

Step Five: Repeat for all 5 names

That is it! Simple but not always easy.

By practicing loving kindness, we can begin to shift our perspectives and understanding of ourselves and others. This is a different way to practice mindfulness throughout your day. Give a shot and see how you feel!

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