Platelet and Regenerative Therapy

What is Platelet therapy?

Platelet Therapy is a concentration of platelets containing healing and growth factors found in your own blood. Platelets have been found to contain many vital healing components that, when concentrated, accelerate tissue regeneration and repair.

  • Minimally Invasive
  • Proven Effective With The Right Dose
  • Naturally Derived From Your Own Body
  • Fast Recovery
  • No Known Side Effects

Platelet Therapy is often subject to controversy. Hit or miss success reported by both physicians and patients alike have brought the reliability of Platelet Therapy into question. According to recent research. The most important factor in platelet therapy is determining the ideal platelet concentration necessary to enhance healing.

Solving Dosing Inaccuracy With Artificial Intelligence

Dosing inaccuracy (overdosing or under dosing) is the main reason platelet therapies have inconsistent outcome success. Our TruDOSE Platelet Therapy protocol uses Artificial Intelligence to ensure that each patient is consistently administered an effective therapeutic dose, every time.

  • Tailored specifically to the unique biology of each patient.
  • Personalizing cell therapies to each patient with over 95% accuracy.
  • Consistent success from patient to patient.

The right dose is the most critical factor in tissue repair and restoration. Only TruDOSE Regenerative Technology utilizes the Vasco Platelet Counter to determine your baseline platelet count as the time of your procedure and validates the platelet therapy concentration before injection.



Autologous Therapy

The Future Of Regenerative Medicine!

For decades, the healthcare industry has depended on medication and surgery to help with the treatment of various conditions and diseases. However, the emergence of autologous regenerative medicine lessens the demand for pain and related medications, operations, and is providing improved quality of life.

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