Could a Vitamin D Deficiency affect Cognitive Ability and Memory?

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Neurology echoes a growing number of studies that demonstrate an association between a Vitamin D deficiency and both memory and cognitive decline. Researchers assessed the Vitamin D blood levels of 382 elderly participants every year for five years. They also assessed episodic and semantic memory, executive function and visual perception though a battery of cognitive tests each year.Vitamin D And Cognitive Memory Decline

Participants with lower levels of Vitamin D also had poorer performance on the cognitive tests, demonstrating a greater decline in episodic memory and cognitive ability. They also found a lower Vitamin D average level in participants diagnosed with dementia. The researchers even suggest a potential elevated risk for Alzhemier’s with a Vitamin D deficiency:

“Vitamin D insufficiency was associated with significantly faster declines in both episodic memory and executive function performance, which may correspond to elevated risk for incident AD [Alzheimer’s disease] dementia.”

Read this article from the Journal of the American Medical Association Neurology to learn more about the interesting link between vitamin D, cognitive ability and memory.

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