What are mycotoxins? How can I avoid them?

Jul 27, 2020 | detoxification, toxins

What are mycotoxins? How can I avoid them?

Mycotoxins (toxins produced by fungi and mold) are some of the most prevalent toxins in our environment. These environmental toxins can infest buildings, vehicles, and even our food and are typically spread by airborne spores. Mycotoxins are often heat resistant and can survive most of the processing procedures used on foods that work to destroy other pathogens like bacteria and viruses.Man Spraying the mold on the wall

Any warm and wet environment makes a great breeding ground for mold – dishwashers, bathrooms, laundry machines, sinks, etc. Even in places you wouldn’t immediately think to check, like wallpaper, ceiling tiles, and fiberglass insulation. Fever, asthma-like symptoms, fatigue, mental disturbances, skin rashes, hyperactivity, anxiety, and ADHD symptoms are commonly associated symptoms with those suffering from mold toxicity.

So what do you do when your tests come back positive? The first step is to identify where the exposure is occuring (in your home, Grandma’s house, school, or the gym) and then reduce the exposure to the mold. Avoiding buildings with known water damage or active leaks is a good start, as well as a home inspection to determine where/if the mold is colonizing. Attempts to clear out mold colonies by a licensed mold remediator may temporarily increase spore activity in your home, and purchasing an air purifier may be a viable addition to your treatment plan.

Thinking next week I’ll talk about how the test is performed, and maybe post that list from the GPL website?

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