Chiropractic Adjustments for Vertebral Subluxation of Children

That question would be best answered when we explore the cause of spinal problems. The most common problem is Vertebral Subluxation, which often occurs for the first time at birth. Research suggests that 80% of babies immediately following birth are subluxated because of the stress placed on their spines during the birth process.When Do Children Need Adjustments

So what effect does subluxation have at this early age? 90% of babies at this stage remain asymptomatic (no signs of problems). However, even though they may not be experiencing symptoms, they are not truly healthy. Remember that the nerve system supplies and coordinates the function of the whole body and that symptoms are usually only experienced much later in life. In fact, in many cases, by the time symptoms are present, the damage may well be permanent. After the age of 13, many abnormal spinal curves are as difficult to correct as they are in adults (and very often are not associated with symptoms).

If your child was one of the lucky ones to go through birth without subluxations, then research tells us that 98% of children will have subluxations before the age of 5. In fact, most of the subluxations that we have as adults were caused before the age of 5.

Most of the subluxations that we have as adults were caused before the age of 5!

So, when should children have their spines checked for subluxation? As soon as they have a spine AND as soon as they can!

So, what are the benefits of having your children regularly checked for subluxation? First of all, it will ensure the spine and nerve system will remain healthy, keeping the child healthy. Second, it prevents their spines from degenerating prematurely. Third, it ensures a properly functioning organ system, which produces an improved immune system. This enhances the child’s resistance not only to sinus and allergy issues, but it also decreases the risk of developing cancer later in life (as shown by new research).


All parts of the body have a nerve supply from the spine. Any interference to this will affect the health and vitality of the body. The sooner this interference is corrected, the better the body will be able to function.

In our practice, we have had the opportunity to correct many spinal subluxations in children before permanent damage has set in. We have seen abnormal spinal curves return to normal in young children and adults alike. We know it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for children to have the potential to be completely healthy for their entire lives.

If you haven’t already had your children’s spines checked for subluxation, please set up an appointment to do so this week. Ask someone on our team about our complimentary “Family Checkup” times.

Chiropractic adjustments should begin as soon as there are subluxations. Since most subluxations occur at birth or during the years when our bodies are developing and growing, we should maintain our spines from birth on a regular basis throughout our lifetime. Doing this allows a child to have an excellent potential for complete health from early on in life.

Children and Chiropractic…Get into it for life!

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