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Are You Struggling with Weight Loss or Belly Fat?

We all know how challenging Lifestyle And Weight Loss is, but with the right guidance, encouragement and treatment, you can shed those unwanted pounds and inches, and be on your way to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. Innovative Health & Wellness Group is pleased to offer you various comprehensive weight loss program options, as well as lifestyle and nutritional counseling programs and behavioral weight loss programs.

We have a team of veteran healthcare professionals and health counselors who work side by side to cover every aspect of your health. Through our coordinated approach, you will be able to have a Lifestyle And Weight Loss in the safest and most effective way. We have tailored weight loss plans so that your individual needs are met. Our plans are customized to meet your unique health conditions. The programs will help you make lifelong changes.

The Relationship Between Lifestyle and Weight loss Management

Lifestyle And Weight Loss can be best achieved through a combination of lifestyle changes. A healthy diet and a lot of physical activities can help. But most of the time it is not easy to make changes to your lifestyle so that you can consume more healthy foods and make exercise a routine part of your life. So, learning and understanding your goals can be helpful, along with how to make changes to your behavior. At Innovative Health & Wellness Group, we can suggest some effective lifestyle changes so that you can get back in shape as soon as possible.

Losing Excess Weight Can Save You from Life-Threatening Diseases

Being obese can not only be restrictive but can also be dangerous to your life. Losing excess weight is important if you want to be safe from any life-threatening diseases.

High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Problems – If you are overweight, it means more LDL, or bad cholesterol. They can clog your arteries and cause many health problems. Losing weight can increase your HDL or good cholesterol levels.

Lifestyle And Weight Loss

Heart Disease – Overweight or obese people are at great risk of heart disease. This is because the heart has to pump more blood and work harder to sustain an overweight body, making it prone to a host of problems.

Diabetes – There is a close relationship between diabetes and obesity. An overweight woman during pregnancy is more likely to suffer from gestational diabetes and increases her chances of developing Type 2 diabetes in the future.

Cancer – Excess fat or being overweight can give rise to certain cancers. In women, it can lead to breast cancer, cervical cancer, or ovarian cancer.

Liver Problems – An overweight or obese person can develop many liver problems, such as enlargement or fatty liver.

Reproductive Health Issues – Having an ideal body weight can enhance the chances of conception and can alleviate fertility-related issues. Excessive weight can make child birth difficult and prone to complications.

Other Health Issues – Obesity or excess weight can cause many other health issues, like respiratory problems, arthritis, gall stones, and acid reflux disease.

Achieve Your Lifestyle And Weight Loss Goals with Innovative Health & Wellness Group

Innovative Health & Wellness Group provides a unique Lifestyle And Weight Loss program that is geared towards not only losing excess pounds and inches, but also improving your overall health and lifestyle. Being healthy is all about being at a weight that is comfortable and ideal for you. We can help you set realistic goals and show you the way to successfully achieve these goals. Our specially-trained team can show you how to lose weight safely while you regain your energy and confidence.

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