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What is Functional Neurology?

Functional Neurology incorporates similar training to medical neurology but differs in application, treatments, and therapies. Chiropractic neurologists do not use drugs or surgery.

The Body Uses Three Pathways to Carry Out Any Action

  1. Information is carried from the body/environment to the brain via the spine.
  2. The brain processes this information.
  3. Then the brain sends information back to the body about how to respond to the information it received.

If any one of these pathways is disturbed, a number of problems result since the brain and nervous system are the master control system of the body. An example of how this works in real time: we are driving in our car, and we see a red light (path 1), we process this information and decide what action needs to be taken (path 2), our brain will then tell our foot to move off the gas and on to the brake (path 3). A dysfunction in any one of these pathways would result in an accident, just as in our body: a reduction of information in any of these paths could cause symptoms in any of our body systems (heart, lungs, immune system, musculoskeletal, digestive, reproductive, or urinary).

State of the Art Neurodiagnostic Testing & Treatments

Brain Function Stimulation Chair

We have a unique multi-axis rotating chair that uses an interactive and non-invasive laser system designed to target specific areas of neural functions that affect sensory and cognitive functions. This advanced technology helps with rehabilitation for conditions such as autism, PTSD, dizziness, balance disorders, developmental disabilities, stroke, cerebral palsy, and brain injuries. It’s even effective in athletic training with concussion treatment and improving coordination.

Balance & Coordination Assessment

At Innovative Health & Wellness Group, we use The Balance Tracking System (BTrackS™) to assess balance and coordination in patients and develop unique treatment plans. With this objective assessment tool, we can provide reliable and effective treatments to improve balance and coordination symptoms in our patients, such as those affected by vertigo and dizziness.

Eye Movement Assessment

With the use of RightEye, we can help patients to improve their brain functions related to vision and learning, brain health, headaches, and coordination. By tracking the eye movements with functional vision techniques, RightEye allows us to quickly identify vision issues that impact the overall health and wellness of our patients, and to create customized treatment plans.

Concussion Symptom Management

Innovative Health & Wellness Group uses unique computerized cognitive tests with the ImPact system to properly diagnose and treat concussion symptoms. Concussions can cause many issues in children and adults, including impaired cognition. The ImPact system also allows us to assess executive brain function, timing, memory, recall speed, and impulsivity distraction. With this system, we can prescribe effective treatment plans and help determine which activities are appropriate for our patients’ brain health.


Choose Innovative Health and Wellness Group for Functional Neurology Treatment

As a providers trained in chiropractic neurology, our aim is to ensure that all of these pathways are viable and optimized using functional neurology. The result is a treatment that is specific for your body and your brain. Most importantly, this care is natural and non-invasive. Because of this holistic approach, many chiropractic neurology patients have a myriad of symptoms that can involve many systems including limbic (emotional), sensory, motor, and cognitive. Because all of these systems feed into, and off of, one another, the end result is a well-integrated body, and a well-integrated brain.

Functional NeurologyMost people associate traditional chiropractic with back and neck pain only. However, corrective, neurological care is beneficial for many individuals with symptoms ranging from post-stroke difficulties to vertigo, headaches, muscle imbalance, learning disorders, and pain syndromes. Many of our patients have been suffering from disorders of the central nervous system and have not responded to traditional medical care or prefer alternatives to invasive or pharmaceutical intervention, such as functional neurology.

Our doctors have completed years of postdoctoral training, specializing in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of a variety of conditions including fatigue, chronic pain syndromes, migraine headaches, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, post-stroke and post-head injury rehabilitation, childhood development disorders, birth injuries, vertigo, dizziness, radiculopathy, neuropathy, and nerve entrapment syndromes. IHWG is passionate about utilizing their training and experience to help patients whose conditions have become chronic or disabling.

Our providers utilize functional neurology and neurochemistry in the evaluation of every patient. Functional neurologists are trained to evaluate the intricate function of the nervous system specific to each individual. They apply clinical applications for rehabilitation based on the individuality of the patient’s nervous system. The human nervous system governs and modulates body function and is the common denominator in nearly all health-related problems and physical impairments. The central nervous system must develop and function at an optimal level for people to enjoy quality of life, long-standing health, physical function, and longevity.

Neurofeedback Treatment

A brain fitness program to improve sleep, decrease tension, and increase energy.

Headache Treatment

Focused treatment to identify the root cause through body function, symptoms, and triggers.

Interactive Metronome

An assessment and treatment tool for neurological conditions that affect cognitive and motor functions.

Treating Nerve Pain

You probably think of nerve pain as tingling or shooting down your leg, such as with sciatica. The pain can be more simply thought of as aberrant sensations. The sensations can be burning, tingling, shooting, or numbness. Depending on the location of pain, it can reflect different causative origins. Nerve damage can be divided into neuropathy and radiculopathy. There can be many causes of the nerve pain.

Causes of Nerve Pain

Neuropathy is damage to the nerve resulting from trauma, compression, diabetes, inflammation, or disease. The main causes of compression occur due to impingement between a muscle and bone. Common entrapments are carpal tunnel and sciatica.Dallas, TX Functional Neurology

Radiculopathy is much like neuropathy, but the difference is the location. Radiculopathy occurs at the spine and can be due to trauma, arthritis, joint degeneration, and disc injuries.

Treatment Options

Options vary depending upon the root cause of your nerve pain. A comprehensive physical examination that includes motor and sensory evaluation is needed. Depending upon the findings you may need further diagnostic studies or you may begin treatment. Innovative Health & Wellness Group offers adjustments, soft tissue work, nerve-specific therapy, nutrition, and strengthening.

We use specialized equipment that interacts with the neurological communication between the muscles and nervous system. This device allows us to isolate key muscles by determining if the nervous system is communicating effectively for the muscle to turn on/off in a smooth and coordinated fashion. If the muscle cannot absorb force appropriately, and therefore load joints appropriately, it is only a matter of time before pain or injury occurs. Our devices enable us to locate inefficiencies within the neuromusculoskeletal system and maintain appropriate neurological communication. These therapies reset the nervous system using active range of motion to break a neurological compensation pattern and retrain a new, efficient, pain free movement pattern. Creating new neuromuscular patterns takes time. Upon examination, the doctor will recommend a treatment plan that is appropriate for the pain/injury you are experiencing.

Our specialized equipment is not only for people in pain, but can also upregulate athletic performance and prevent injury as well by enabling the nervous system to communicate with muscles and joints accurately and efficiently.

Having a wide variety of tools available for your treatment allows us to create a plan specific to you and give you the best chance of recovery. In severe cases surgery is needed. It is important to know that even with surgery, most will still need treatment afterward to increase function.

Balance Training through Functional Neurology

Balance reflects the health of our musculoskeletal and nervous system. For this reason, an examination of balance is part of each new patient exam at Innovative Health & Wellness Group.

Simple Ways to Examine Balance:

  • Tandem stance (stand with one foot directly behind the other)
  • Stand on one leg
  • Romberg test (stand with feet together and eyes closed)

Functional NeurologyThese are all simple tests, but your balance and sway during these tests are important. If you sway in any direction or have difficulty maintaining, this shows that your balance is off. There are many causes of decreased balance.

Decreased Balance

It is very important that we identify the reason for your decreased balance. The cause of decreased balance will impact your specific functional neurology treatment plan. We know that decreased balance can result in many issues, such as back pain, injuries, falls, and poor sports performance. Each issue creates stress and prevents you from living the life you want to have. The goal at Innovative Health & Wellness Group is to help you improve your wellness and get your health back.

Causes of Decreased Balance:

  • Injury to ankle, knee, or hip
  • Muscle imbalance
  • Whiplash
  • Concussion
  • Neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia)
  • Developmental delays

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