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What to expect on
Your First and Second Visit

The doctors are very thorough in this office and they want to make sure you understand what we do here. Here is a quick breakdown of what to expect when you first visit here at Innovative Health & Wellness Group.

Your First Visit

At your first visit to Innovative Health & Wellness Group, you will need to complete all forms prior to your appointment. The doctors are very thorough in this office and they need as much information filled out as possible, especially when it comes to your health concerns. Please also arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time with your completed paperwork to allow for the registration process.

Next, you will have a consultation with the doctor(s) to discuss your health-related concerns and complaints. During this time the doctors will take the time to learn about your condition, symptoms, and complaints. This allows the doctor(s) to determine how our treatment can meet your goals. Once a detailed history has been taken, the doctors will perform a comprehensive neurological, orthopedic, chiropractic, and/or physical examination.

Upon completion of the examination, the doctors may recommend additional testing to further investigate the cause of your complaints. Additional testing may include diagnostic testing, laboratory analysis, and/or advanced imaging studies.

While you may see one or two doctor(s) on your first visit, we take a multidisciplinary team approach with each case. Behind the scenes our doctors work together to develop a treatment plan that’s individualized to your needs. Our belief is the more sets of eyes on your case, the better we can serve you.

Your Second Visit

What to Expect | 1st Innovative Health & Wellness Group Dallas

During your second visit, a comprehensive Report of Findings is presented, which includes the results from the history and evaluation and/or diagnostic testing. The doctor(s) at this time will make recommendations on a care program that best suits your needs and it will include the following:

  • How We Can Help You
  • What Treatment Modalities Are Recommended
  • The Cost and Time Commitment

Please note: Laboratory testing results may not be finalized by your second visit. As these results are made available to us, our doctor(s) will review these results with you.

At the conclusion of the Report of Findings, one of our staff members will get your treatment set up with the doctor(s).

If you have any additional questions regarding your visit, please contact us at (214) 972-0302.

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