Your body is self-cleaning just like it is self-healing. Fall is a great time to clean the self-cleaning pathways we label as detoxification to get you running in clean and tip top shape.

We have 6 detoxification pathways for you to focus on in aiding you to eliminate fatigue, weight gain, decrease immunity, hormone issues, skin problems and much more.An Introduction To Detoxification

Nervous System

Fall cleaning would be incomplete without discussing the system that makes it all happen. Your nervous system is the master system and controls all other systems in the body including your detox pathways. The most important step you need to take first is to make sure you have properly functioning nervous system. Make sure to get checked and get your adjustments in FIRST.


Your skin is your largest organ in your body and a critical organ to aid in detoxification process. A great way to detoxify your skin and open your skin’s detox pathway is to “Dry Skin Brush”. Using a dry skin brush before getting in the shower or sauna helps to open the clogged pores to help mobilize toxins. You want to brush the legs, buttocks, abdomen, chest, arms and neck with approximately 7-10 strokes in each area in a pattern toward your heart. You can pick up a skin brush at any health food store.


The function of the respiratory system is to suck in oxygen and blow off CO2. Oxygen helps your body absorb vitamins and nutrients more efficiently and it helps to create more white blood cells which aids in the detox process. One easy step to improve lung capacity and function is to do breathing exercises. The goal would be to exhale four times as long as you inhale. Doing this daily before bed for 10 repetitions improves the function of the lowest parts of your lungs and maximizes your detox with each breath.


The job of the kidneys is to filter blood. One of the best ways to take stress off the kidneys is to consume half of your body weight in ounces of water every day. An easy way to improve the kidney’s detox is to add lemon to your water as well. While there are many known benefits of lemon water from weight loss to alkalizing pH levels in the body it also helps to dissolve gallstones, pancreatic stones and kidney stones.


Is the all important organ that helps clean out all toxins and chemicals that you get exposed to every day. The liver has two stages of detoxification and each stage requires nutrients for each step to take place. If you don’t consume these nutrients in your diet, then your body won’t dump toxins as it should. A main nutrient that you need is Glutathione.

Digestive System

This system takes in all the nutrients from your food, utilized them and eliminates all the unnecessary waste through your bowel. If you eat three meals a day then you should be eliminating your bowels 1 to 3 times a day.


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