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October 12, 2023
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Functional Neurology in Dallas By Innovative Health and Wellness

Functional Neurology In Dallas- Innovative Health & Wellness

Functional Neurology In Dallas- Innovative Health & Wellness

Innovative Health & Wellness Group is making a real difference in the health of patients by using functional neurology in Dallas.

This guide will look closely at functional neurology: what it can do for you and the excellent care you receive. Get ready to start your journey toward feeling better and discover how the transformative power of functional neurology in Dallas can change your life. 

Discovering Functional Neurology in Dallas 

Functional neurology is like giving our brains a little boost to make them work better and keep us healthy. In Dallas, experts use creative and natural methods to help with various neurological symptoms; offering hope to those who may not find help from traditional medicine. 

Functional neurology in Dallas is about using special techniques and tools to make our brain and nervous system work better and make us healthier overall. Functional neurology helps to optimize the nervous system. 

The Core Principles of Functional Neurology 

Functional neurology has some key concepts that are important to understand: 


It means that our nervous system can change and adapt throughout our lives. Think of it like our nervous system being flexible and able to learn new things, even as we get older! 

Stimulating Pathways 

By utilizing functional neurology, experts use special techniques and tools to activate or calm specific parts of the brain to create balance and appropriate communication. It is like giving those parts of the brain a little nudge to work better. 

Restoring Function 

The main goal is to help people regain their best possible neurological function. If someone has problems with their nervous system, like memory issues, brain fog, dizziness, anxiety, or trouble moving, functional neurology is used to make those problems better. 

Helping with Various Issues 

Functional neurology isn’t just for one type of problem. It can be used for many brain-related issues, like headaches, numbness and tingling, balance issues, concentration difficulties, movement limitations, digestive issues, concussions, etc. 

In simple terms, functional neurology in Dallas uses the idea of neuroplasticity to improve how our nervous system works by stimulating specific parts of the brain; and it can help with many different neurological symptoms people might have. 

Understanding Neurological Problems 

Neurological conditions are when there are symptoms affecting our nervous system. These can be simple, like headaches or feeling unsteady, or more serious, like Parkinson’s disease or brain injuries from accidents. 

What is great about functional neurology is that it doesn’t treat everyone the same or follow a strict plan or algorithm. Instead, it evaluates each person and identifies their unique neurological dysfunctions. The providers make a customized plan specifically for you based non-invasive testing and findings. The treatment differs with each session because the nervous system is evaluated every time a patient presents for care and specific areas of dysfunction are addressed based on the findings. 

Many traditional neurological treatments follow a plan based on the initial exam findings or symptom presentation and the patient is not re-evaluated for many months. If treatment is successful, neurological findings should be changing throughout treatment, which is why algorithms and month-long plans often fail to produce lasting results. Functional neurology providers will assess the patient every time they come in and address the specific disparities that they find at each visit, rather than following an outdated and non-specific plan or algorithm for months.   

If a patient has a distinct functional neurological symptom, functional neurology in Dallas creates a plan specific to them. Therefore, they get the best treatment which is constantly tailored to their specific needs. 

The Role of Functional Neurology 

Functional neurology is a specialty of the chiropractic profession. Individuals carrying this title have obtained a minimum of 300 hours of post-doctorate education and training. It is only after the doctor passes in-depth written and practical examinations administered by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board that the doctor is recognized as a functional chiropractic neurologist. The specialty is recognized by the American Chiropractic Association and the certification is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and accredited by The International Accreditation Services (IAS).  There are less than 700 board certified functional chiropractic neurologists worldwide.

Functional neurology is defined as the field of functional neurology that engages the internal and external environment of the individual in a structured and targeted approach to affect positive changes in the central nervous system, including the brain, brainstem, cerebellum, spinal cord, and peripheral nerve function.  Therapeutic protocols are based on mainstream and current scientific research on brain and central nervous system integration.  The doctors will direct appropriate clinical applications that optimize the development or rehabilitation of central nervous system function.   Neuroscience research supports interventions provided by functional chiropractic neurologists for the repair and recovery of the nervous system and elimination of pain and a variety of symptoms for both children and adults

Functional chiropractic neurologists utilize the most current rehabilitation methods and equipment such as upper body ergometers, physical exercise rehabilitation, neuromuscular re-education, and auditory or visual programs to evoke specific neuron activation for nerve transmission to the spinal cord —tracts and exiting nerves affecting human function. 

Innovative Approaches to Healing 

Innovative Health & Wellness Group stands out when choosing the best functional neurology in Dallas.  It is the go-to place for those seeking state-of-the-art techniques and experienced practitioners. Innovative Health and Wellness Group is the destination for anyone looking to improve neurological function and overall health in this dynamic field. 

Neurofeedback Therapy 

Neurofeedback therapy is an excellent way to teach your brain to behave appropriately. It is a groundbreaking therapy because it helps people take charge of what’s happening inside their heads. 

This therapy has done some awe-inspiring things, especially in treating conditions like ADD/ADHD (where people have trouble focusing), anxiety (which is when you worry a lot), and PTSD (which can happen after experiencing something stressful). 

Imagine it’s like training your brain to be its best self. It helps your brain learn to be calmer and more focused, which can make a big difference in how you feel and go about your day. Neurofeedback is guiding your brain to be the best it can be. 

Vestibular Rehabilitation 

There are programs for people who need help with their balance, motion-induced disorientation, and dizziness. The program is called vestibular rehabilitation. This rehabilitation offers hope to those struggling with balance and inner ear disorders. 

Vestibular rehabilitation therapies are like workouts for your balance coordinating parts of your nervous system. They help people get better at staying steady on their feet and moving without feeling dizzy or disoriented. It can make a big difference in their everyday lives, helping them do tasks more easily and comfortably. 

So, if you have problems with your balance, these programs can be a real game-changer. They’re a helping hand to get your balance and coordination back on track, making your daily life much better. 

Advanced Diagnostic Tools 

Innovative Health & Wellness Group has access to high-tech tools for analyzing brain issues. These state-of-the-art, non-invasive tools help the experts determine what’s happening in your brain. 

With these cutting-edge diagnostic tools, practitioners can take a close look at how your brain is working. It means they can create unique plans that are just right for your specific brain needs. It’s like having a personalized roadmap to better brain health. 

So, when it comes to functional neurology in Dallas, these advanced diagnostic tools give Innovative Health & Wellness Group a significant advantage. They can see into your brain and come up with the perfect plan to help you feel better. 

Why Choose Innovative Health & Wellness Group for Functional Neurology in Dallas? 

1. Specialized Care and Great Results 

One big reason to pick Innovative Health & Wellness Group for functional neurology in Dallas is that they care about you. They work hard to make you feel better and get impressive results. 

2. Plans Made Just for You 

Innovative Health & Wellness Group’s experts create unique plans just for you. These plans focus on what’s causing your brain issues. The best part? They change these plans as you improve, so you always get the proper care. 

3. People Getting Better 

Many people in Dallas have seen their lives improve with Innovative Health & Wellness Group’s help. These stories range from conquering chronic pain to improving cognitive function. 

4. Patient-Centered Approach 

Functional chiropractic neurologists at Innovative Health & Wellness Group take the time to listen, understand, and work closely with each patient. They want to help you achieve your health goals and believe in a collaborative approach to care. 

So, when it comes to functional neurology in Dallas, Innovative Health & Wellness Group is a top choice. They provide exceptional care that works, personalized plans just for you, lots of success stories, and always make you the chief of your health. 

Unlocking Wellness with Functional Neurology in Dallas 

Functional neurology in Dallas is improving lives with Innovative Health & Wellness Group, providing creative answers to brain problems. Everyone can have a healthy life with personalized care, effective treatments, and excellent results. 

Explore the world of functional neurology in Dallas with Innovative Health & Wellness Group and start your journey towards better neurological health today. Call us now to schedule your first step towards a healthier nervous system! 

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