As a life-long athlete, and a sometimes-duffer, my affiliation with the Titleist Performance Institute has been really valuable. The volume of information there is almost overwhelming. I regularly check out their Golf Fitness and Golf Health section. And look at this — there’s even an iPhone app for your golf swing:Golf And Chiropractic Care

The last thing we need is another gadget to put in our car, golf bag or pocket.

This is the reason to love the recent explosion of apps for our mobile devices.

If you’re wondering, “what is an app?”, I might assume you’re still using lead tape on your driver to get the proper weight or that you’re watching Rambo on a beta video tape.

An app is a software utility that makes performing a simple and specific task possible. In this case, possible on a mobile device.

V1 had one goal in mind: make their swing analysis tool completely integrated and highly functional on a mobile platform.

V1 has achieved that goal and then some.

The V1 Golf app, which I’m currently running on my iPhone 3GS is robust and swift. It films swings at the highest possible frame and shutter the phone’s hardware can handle – 30fps and around 1/1000 with best possible lighting. These frame rate shutter speed settings are bound by the iPhone’s native hardware, so you cannot manually adjust to fit your lighting conditions. In other words, this is a phone first, camera second, so leave high speed footage to the more beefy Casio’s and the like.

Now, I never would have thought of something like that with the help of TPI. If you’re a golfer, TPI is awesome, and you don’t have to be Phil Mickelson to benefit from it (my dad, a hacker of the first order, says he can’t get enough of it.)

With the stresses that golf puts on the body, the connection to chiropractic is a natural. I’m looking forward to bringing you more information from TPI in the future. Please check back regularly for my golf updates, and don’t be afraid to leave a comment or start a discussion. Patient input is always welcome!

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