Poor Digestion and Chiropractic – Explaining It To Your Friends

Jun 14, 2010 | chiropractic, digestion, holistic, natural treatment

Chiropractic Care for Poor Digestion in Dallas

Many patients have indicated that newsletters help them better explain to their friends and co-workers why they will get adjusted for life, and why their friends should have their spine and nerve system checked for nerve interference. We hope this one you do the same!

Many people that come into a chiropractic office are there because they are in pain. This accounts for over 70% of new patient visits to a chiropractic office. Less than 30% of the visits to a chiropractic office are for the simple fact that a person is concerned about their health, well being and their longevity.Poor Digestion and Chiropractic

Digestive Issue Treatment

Why have you chosen chiropractic? Many people look at chiropractic as a structural problem; their spine is out of alignment, causing muscle spasm, pain, stiffness or some other symptom. An evaluation was performed, X-rays were taken, the individual was shown their X-rays and they saw that their spine was really “crooked.” At one point, someone will sit and look at their x-rays and determine in their own mind how bad their spine is. Many patients will say, “Wow, my spine looks really bad, maybe I’d better do chiropractic.” Others will look at their spine on the X-ray and say, “That’s not so bad, maybe I won’t do chiropractic right now. I’ll think about it.” This is a very dangerous and precarious trap to get into as a patient. Please do not evaluate whether you and your family should use chiropractic because of structure alone.

For a human being to look at chiropractic properly, they must make the decision to use chiropractic based on one thing: It is something they should have been doing for life since birth. Not for the fact of keeping their spine healthy, but for the purpose and principle of keeping their nerve system free of subluxation (interference) for life. Every human function – physical, emotional and mental – must occur from the brain. The brain is there to send the life force of healing through the spinal cord to allow every function that goes on in your life to occur. These include perception of hot or cold, whether you see today as a beautiful day or not, and whether your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and all your other organs are functioning at 100%. The reason you choose chiropractic should be to allow 100% expression of LIFE through your nervous system 100% of the time for your complete physical, emotional and mental ability to have proper health and healing. Many human beings in the community do not understand this concept. It’s up to us to share it with them. The following amazing testimonials and case studies will help:

“Man with Crohn’s Disease cured by Chiropractic”

Today’s Chiropractic – 1995

This case involves a 31-year-old man with Crohn’s disease (since age 15). A portion of his intestine had been removed and he was on antibiotics and prednisone. He had not had a normal bowel movement since age 15 and constantly suffered from abdominal cramps.
Chiropractic analysis: Subluxation of C2.
By the 13th visit, he started having normal bowel movements and all medication was stopped.

“Adjustments help in the treatment of Stomach Ulcer”

Sixteen adult men and women from 16-47 years of age with endoscopically confirmed diagnosis of ulcer disease were in the experimental group that received chiropractic care. Forty were in the control group that received traditional medical treatment. They were studied using endoscopy and clinical examination. The chiropractic group had pain relief and healing of the ulcer after 1-9 (average 3.8) days while the control group (medical) took ten days longer. Most frequently involved segments were T9-T12.

“Gallbladder Disease caused by Spinal Decay”

Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 1968

Using radiography, 61 hospital patients were examined. It was found that in 88% of patients with gall bladder disease, there was spinal decay from T7-T10. Spinal decay at T9-T11 was found in 82% of those with stomach disease. Many sufferers of pancreatic disease had segments T5-T7 involved and 31% of patients with duodenal disease had bone spurs at vertebrae T9-L2.

Remember – June’s Health Problem of the Month is Chronic Digestive Problems. If you know of friends, family member of co-workers who suffer from any sort of digestive problem, be sure to tell the to schedule an appointment by contacting us today at (214) 972-0302 .

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