Ear Infections Examination in Dallas, TX

Do you have friends with children who battle with ear infections? Then tell them, “You’re not alone! Ear infections are affecting children in epidemic numbers. By the age of three, nearly two-thirds of all children have had one or more ear infection.”Ear Infections

And what is the typical course of action for children who are suffering from ear infections? Either the children are given antibiotics or they are put through surgery to place tubes in their ears. Sadly, neither option tends to be very effective. In addition, both can result in potentially dangerous and long-term side effects.

A Gentle, Accurate and Efficient Checkup

A thorough examination can determine if the ear infections your friend’s child is experiencing are a result of misalignments in their spine. The tests performed during this examination are gentle, accurate and efficient. Our highly trained and experienced team will then provide your friend with a thorough report to explain what has been found in their child’s case. Help your friends make this year healthier and better than last year. They really have nothing to lose! Contact us today at (214) 972-0302.

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