Natural Depression Treatment in Dallas

Dec 1, 2009 | depression, holistic, natural treatment

Natural Depression Treatment for Dallas-Area Patients

Do you have friends, family members or co-workers who are personally battling depression or have children who are depressed? Then tell them, “You’re not alone!” In the United States alone, more than 14 million people battle depression every year! Unfortunately, the only “solution” most people ever utilize to counteract depression is medication. Not only is the success rate of anti-depressants very questionable, but there have been some incredibly dangerous side effects that have been linked to anti-depressant medications. Thankfully, many patients in our practice have come to realize that being under chiropractic care can help them deal with depression in a healthy, drug-free way!

Theme of the Month: DepressionNatural Depression Treatment in Dallas

So many of our patients frequently comment that they have friends battling “this,” a family member who has “that,” or co-workers who are always calling in sick with some ailment or illness. Our patients frequently state that chiropractic could help them. However, those words are sometimes not listened to or acted upon. So, our team developed a fantastic community health program to make it easy for them and easy for you!

Your Voice Can Heal

Ever listen to people’s conversations on the street or in restaurants? So much of it is about the drugs they are taking. So much of it is about diseases that don’t go away or suffering that will not end. A few words from you might change their lives.

Who Told You About Chiropractic?

What would your health be like if your spine was never adjusted? If someone never told you about chiropractic? Would you be living on drugs? Facing surgery? Fortunately, someone did tell you about chiropractic, and you were introduced to the world of natural health care and subluxation correction. In doing so, you’ve joined the many millions of people who have found relief from dis-ease and regained their health under safe, natural, drug-free chiropractic care.

Why Live On Drugs?

When chiropractic enthusiasts see others – friends, relatives, perhaps even strangers – living on pills and other medicines, they ask, “Why live on drugs? Why live in pain? Aren’t you frustrated with not getting better? Aren’t you tired of being sick and tired? Why don’t you see my chiropractor?”

Innovative Health & Wellness Group Commitment

Our team is committed to improving the education, health and future of our community. Each month, we will feature a specific health concern and will provide an accurate and researched article for you to pass along to someone you know. These articles will address the causes of the problems and will explain the chiropractic connection and the validity and benefits of chiropractic care.

In addition, our team will make life more convenient for your friend/family member/co-worker and super easy for them to make an appointment. We are willing to contact them directly, whether via a call, email, letter or fax to provide them with any further information they may need. And, if they are sick of putting up with their health problems and are ready to make an appointment, contact us today at 214-972-0302. So, they really have nothing to lose, and only the possibility of great health to gain.

A Gentle, Accurate and Efficient Checkup

A thorough examination can determine if the feelings of depression that your friends, family members or co-workers are experiencing are the result of misalignments in their spine. The tests performed during this examination are gentle, accurate and efficient. Our highly trained and experienced team will then provide your friend with a thorough report to explain what has been found in their case. Help your friends make this year healthier and better than last year. They really have nothing to lose!

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