Our clinic empowers and treats so many patients who are battling severe physical health issues, but physical health does not struggle on its own. Wise patients realize that their mental, relational and spiritual health have a profound affect upon their physical pain and recovery.

When you are fighting for your health, partner with trained professionals/clinicians to address the following areas:Physical Health Is More Than Physical

  1. Physical. Assess the physical aspects of their brain and body and how they function together, as well as developmental issues.
  2. Mental. Assess how you think and talk to yourself, the running dialogue that goes on in your mind, as well as your self-concept.
  3. Relational/Career. Assess the quality of your relationships and any career/financial stressors, as well as any relational/career skills that would benefit from additional training.
  4. Spiritual. Assess your sense of purpose, place, wholeness and connection to a far larger world.

True healthcare considers the whole person and how each part affects the other. Take ownership of your health goals by partnering with us to address how well your physical body is functioning. We can help you come alongside additional professionals and clinicians to address the mental, relational and spiritual aspects of your health and recovery.

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