Treatment Plan for Environmental Toxins in Dallas, TX

Living in an environment filled with toxins is bound to take its toll (even in a major metropolitan area like Dallas). There are some that may not believe this is true, or even understand to what degree it can impact your health. Just think about the toxins you come into contact with on a daily basis:Environmental Toxins In Dallas

  • Showering, bathing, brushing your teeth – our water is full of chlorine and fluorine, which are known to cause health issues over time.
  • Driving to and from work and school – smog, car exhaust fumes, even pollution in the air cause breathing issues, not to mention how many toxins you are inhaling.
  • Drinking water – PCB and phthalates from plastics are known to cause all types of medical issues, including cancer. PCBs are also in all types of plastic containers, so simply microwaving your lunch or storing hot food in a plastic container can be bad for you.
  • Enjoying a nice dinner – if you decided to order the fish, you may be getting more mercury than you bargained for. Plus, mercury is a byproduct of mining, causing higher levels than normally created by the earth.

Environmental toxins can cause all sorts of issues from minor symptoms to more serious conditions. The symptoms are also the types of symptoms you may see with other conditions, making the root cause important to diagnose. Some symptoms include:

  • Moodiness
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Thinning hair
  • Menstrual pain
  • Water retention
  • Joint pain

Some of the more serious symptoms caused by environmental toxins include:

  • Early menopause
  • Early menstruation and estrogen stimulation
  • Cognitive disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Tingling and pain in the tongue and corners of the mouth

Determining the Culprit

The best way to determine if environmental toxins cause your symptoms is to undergo immune-specific blood work (IgG, IgM, AND IgA) – such as we offer here at Innovative Health & Wellness Group. The results will allow your doctor to determine exactly what is going on internally. Then it is time to work up a thorough personalized treatment plan.

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Treatment plans cannot be one-size-fits-all and still be effective. The personalization ensures you get the best treatment. After all, you have not been in the exactly same environment or carry the same genes as your next-door neighbor. Each person has ingested different foods, been in different areas of the world, and grown up in different environments.

For example, mold is a toxin that can cause all sorts of symptoms. Two people living in the same house may have had similar environmental toxins in their system, but one reacts harshly and the other doesn’t even know mold exists. The reason for the difference in reactions can only be found via a personalized treatment plan. Many doctors will advise removing the chemicals through harsh chelation, detoxes, or toxin-pulling therapies, but a person may not be healthy enough to undergo these types of therapies; and will consequently get worse. Some of these therapies, if done to the wrong patient, can even cause permanent illness and damage. It is best to take a whole-body approach to identifying toxins and apply a treatment plan designed specifically for each patient.

The symptoms are so similar to other diseases and conditions, it is important to receive immune-specific blood work testing for environmental toxins. Through the testing and treatment plan, you can begin to repair any damage done by environmental toxins here in Dallas or North Texas and get back on the path to good health.


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