Fatigue and Posture Link Discovered!

Feb 15, 2010 | back, energy, fatigue, natural treatment

Abnormalities of Posture Are Common Cause of Fatigue and Low Energy Levels

Good posture is that state of muscular and skeletal balance which protects your nervous system and supporting structures of the body against injury or progressive deformity – new research is seeing a clearer link between fatigue and posture. Under such conditions, your spine and muscles will function most efficiently and the optimum positions are afforded for your heart and lungs and abdominal organs.Fatigue and Posture

A lot of practitioners talk about the importance of having good posture. They know that poor posture is bad and good posture is, well, good. However, few can offer assistance towards the long-term correction of poor posture. From the side, normal alignment is defined as balance between the ear hole, the middle of the shoulder, the middle of the hips, the middle of the knee and the middle of the ankle joint. From the front, there should be a straight line that moves down from between the eyes, nose, chin, middle of the collar bones, the sternum, the belly button, the pubic bone and down evenly between the knees and ankles. Any deviation of one or more of these points is abnormal posture and could ultimately lead to the development of repetitive fatigue issues and low energy levels.

Bad posture is a lifetime scenario for most people. If your head weighs ten pounds and is aligned directly above your shoulder, the effective load on your spinal tissues is 10 pounds. However, if your head has moved forward, the load is increased by a factor of ten with each additional inch of forward posture. So, if you are carrying your head 2 inches forward of where it should be, your head is loading 30 pounds to the supporting tissues, if you are carrying it 3 inches forward of where it should be, then 40 pounds of pressure is being stressed through your neck and shoulders. As a result, your spine, muscles and ENERGY LEVELS SUFFER!

Research proves that when the normal loads are changed, the bones of the spine get damaged. In fact, when the head is carried forward for many years, there is a greater incidence of developing arthritis in the spine. Bad posture also affects the soft tissues and can change the blood flow to the spinal cord itself. Forward head posture has also been associated with disc damage. Sustained poor posture robs the muscles of oxygen and causes tissue damage. Tendons, ligaments and discs undergo changes that can become permanent. This is probably why many individuals who have abnormal posture cannot correct it by themselves!

Having your mother or father yell at you to ‘stand up straight’ is all well and good, but what if you can’t?

Undetected and uncorrected postural abnormalities can be extremely draining. Having a hump at the base of your neck and looking like a turtle from the side is not only ugly, it can be the beginning of many different diseases.

Nobel prize winners, brain researchers and leading neurosurgeons have stated that “ over 90% of the brain’s energy is tied up in relating the body to gravity. Forward Head Posture stretches the spinal cord by 5-7 cm and causes disease. The more postural problems that exist, the less energy one has for thinking, metabolizing and healing.”

Other researchers have found that “just the weight of a dime pressing against a nerve can shut down that nerve’s function up to 60%.”

Low energy levels and fatigue do not go away by themselves, nor do they go away with warmer weather. They are an indication that the body is not functioning properly.


Please refer anyone you know who is battling with these problems (and no, they are not normal)

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