Ways to Boost Your Energy

Could you use more energy in your life? The key isn’t found in sugar or caffeine – these provide temporary, unhealthy energy boosts, then leave you feeling tired shortly thereafter. The real key to sustainable energy is having a fantastic nerve supply, hydration and healthy eating.


Since vertebral subluxation robs the body of focus to think, organization to metabolize and power to heal, it makes sense to have your spine and your family members’ spines regularly checked for subluxation throughout your lifetime. After all, your nerve supply is your life supply. So, if you want more energy in 2008, continue to get adjusted!

“Subluxation robs the body of focus to think, organization to metabolize and power to heal.”


Did you know that, along with vertebral subluxation, dehydration is one of the leading causes of fatigue? If you find yourself feeling tired in the middle of the day, drink a glass of water! In time, you’ll likely begin to feel more energized.

What about the times you find yourself hungry, or craving a snack, even though you recently ate a meal? That might actually be thirst you’re feeling, but your mind is telling you it’s hunger. Instead of snacking, drink a glass of water. It will fill you up and eliminate thoughts of unnecessary hunger.

To help yourself stay on the path that keeps you feeling energized all the time, you’ll want to avoid drinking soft drinks and coffee. Sure, both might taste good; but, the caffeine and sugar work to deplete water that’s in your body and mess with your blood sugar.


The United States has become a nation of energy–deprived over-eaters and people obsessed with their weight. The good news is that most people don’t have to eat less to reach and maintain a healthy weight – they just need to eat “better.”

Did you ever notice that junk food doesn’t fill you up? It works to ward off your appetite for a little while, but before you know it, you’re hungry again. That’s because junk food has low nutritional value, which means there’s not enough nutrients to keep your body energized. This is why you start to feel hungry again so soon after eating junk food. It’s your body’s way of saying, “I’m hungry for something rich in vitamins, minerals and protein.” That’s the type of food that satisfies your body and keeps your energy levels up all day.

What’s the connection between your spine and energy levels?

A common cause of fatigue is a subluxated spine. “How can my spine make me tired?” you may ask. Here’s how: Your head being carried forward of your shoulders and torso is like carrying a bowling ball away from your body instead of by your side. It can exhaust you! Your body uses energy to simply keep you from falling forward when you have forward head posture (loss of curve in your neck), and this is a detriment to your other body systems and parts. A modest deviation from normal posture can and does translate into a massive amount of wasted energy.

Plus, that’s the result of just ONE postural abnormality. Stop to consider how much energy you waste if you are walking around with two or three postural imbalances, such as a high shoulder and dropped pelvis…. It’s easy to understand why filling up on coffee and sugar isn’t the answer!

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